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So since Glov is a lazy pleb, he offered me to take the lead of Dale, to which I gladly accepted.

I won’t be changing any plans but will continue from where Glov left off, namely in section 5 and 1, ready-to-go houses will be planned there asap. After that it’s just detailing/decoration and some farmlands really. Regarding the castle; I wont mess with that and will delegate it to whoever has been/is making it (PM me).


Credit to Glov for making it this far with Dale and for getting it to look as good as it does.


As for the windmill i would Like to try my hand at it, just tell me where you want it


Side note by the way, though may apply more to Erebor when it’s a project. In his conversation with Frodo Gloin mentions a number of Towers and Terraces on the outside of the mountain. Sounds like there should be more than just an Eastern watchpost and Ravenhill.


Yeah I think I’d like to save that for the Erebor project itself.


Another update here, section 5 is now officially open. There are 17 houses left in Dale, all of which in section 5 (albeit the large one in section 1). Progress is going incredibly fast, and at this rate we can easily finish Dale this week, so be quick to make some more Dale houses before it’s all gone!


Yeah i think thuis week is very well possible, however i think the palace still needs a lot of work and there are some things just outside Dale that need tot be done


I agree 100%, there’s also these odd giant floating numbers above the city as well. I would work quickly to remove them, not very lore accurate. There’s also the fact that Dale is a square surrounded by emptiness. It’s so odd.


Yeah there is also a very weird house in the north of section of section one. I would consider redoing it.


Does dale has a medic post or hospital, cuz it would be necessary for humans.


Herbalist i guess should do.


Actually it would make sense to have a surgeon of some sort.


Barber-surgeon and a herbalist/apothecary would do it.


Plus I suppose there will be someting in Erebor …


As good as Dale looks, I think it needs mentioning that the town has fallen a bit below standard in a few places. This hasn’t been helped by the fact that project blocks are being removed from above houses that still have a number of problems. Little details like fireplaces not having stone back walls, cartwright not having a way for carts to get in and out as well as larger things like unfinished house that haven’t been touched in weeks. Don’t want to sound like a dick here but I think that we need to get back on top of this project to save it dragging on.


Yeah I’ve been a bit busy the last few days due to some school stuff I needed to get done and therefore didn’t have a strong grip over the project, but I definitely agree that some houses are falling behind a bit quality-wise, especially with the overuse of Dwarven blocks lately(cough beat cough). Hopefully we get it all done fairly quickly.

About the medic post/hospital suggestion, I agree that a herbalist would be enough, and if there’s anything major they could just go to Erebor or something.


“I agree that a herbalist would be enough, and if there’s anything major they could just go to Erebor or something.”

You definitely need a barber-surgeon for injuries. I can’t imagine someone with a broken arm would have to go into Erebor to get it set.


But it’s a dwarven blacksmith! :frowning:


Who moved into a human building. And i dont think he would want to stay outside of erebor for too long either, at least not permanently.


storing this here for myself: [details=Charpente] http://www.qlocal.co.uk/forums/pics7/ped/ScarisbrickHall000840(1).jpg [/details]



Tall Hall


Arch Hall