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Sound good @Ytsen?


Also, PSA. When making houses under construction, make sure that roof tiles appear to be laid from bottom of the roof up to the peak. Forgot that in my example house, but guan fixed it for me.


All of Dale EXCEPT Section 5 is open.
Only build on marked plots. I am still currently outlining other parts.

There are still some misc. tasks that will need to be done before we can do the final section.
-The Inn&Distillery
-Field walls in the Eastern farmland
-Outbuildings, cabins, barns, etc.
-Footpaths & Roads

Many of these are marked and open to builders. Some may require Builder+.
If you have questions about any of these let me know.

  • I am also looking for someone to do the main gate and outline a bit around it.
    Pm me with your ideas/concepts if you are interested. I would like something a bit in the style of the castle.
    Also keep in mind that I would like to plan some buildings just outside of the gate as well to transition things a bit.

  • Anyone is also free to try the diagonal Eastern gate. Again, in a similar style as the castle.

  • I am looking for someone to do the Large Cemetery adjacent to the Castle. PM me if you’re interested. There are some good examples i’d like you to use as reference.



Been building a house in dale, and when it came to naming my apothecary I was at a loss. Thought would be useful for those more lore savvy/creative ppl on the server (I’ve noticed a few empty signs) to maybe come up with a few names so that ppl like me can have them to use for their builds. This would not only make things easier but maybe also good for tracking whats named what, avoiding repetition and ensuring quality.


Something for any house in Dale that is under construction: Plaster and Stucco can only be applied on completed walls. Partially built walls should not have any of this.



Don’t make your house foundations taller than 4 blocks. Each level of a house should be 3-4 tall at most. And middle class houses should probably be 3 levels max. Some of the newer houses just look inhumanely tall atm. Also don’t forget to add some sort of gradient to your foundation to detail it.

And don’t be afraid to use colored stucco. There are ways to make it look good. Red/Green/Blue/Brown.
Not all of Dale needs to be Tudor.


If you’re waiting for more houses or approval on your current… Give me a couple days to get that done and outline the rest of Section 1. Until then if you have nothing to do then help with the Dwarven Mines!
After all the houses in Sections 1-4 are finished there will still be a lot of misc. tasks including detailing. I’d like everyones help to detail/check derps/ fix any houses that i might have missed before we move onto the final section.

Also, if anyone is interested in doing the Cemetery adjacent to the Castle then pm me with your ideas.
It will include a small building for preparing bodies and for funerals/wakes. And maybe to house a Caretaker?
Mainly the Cemetery will consist of Mausoleums for the rich, a memorial to TBOFA and Catacombs for the poor.
There are some cool examples on the CR Server


On the topic of the cemetery. do you think that the area currently planned out for it is a bit large? especially considering it is, imo, in what would be (if it did have housing) a pretty wealthy part of the city considering how close it is to the citadel. Bearing in mind tolkiens illustration of dale which shows that the city’s buildings are within the meander of the river, wouldn’t it be more ‘lore accurate’ if this area was built up (possibly in a slightly different style to signify the older part of the city?)
I may be wrong here as i’m no expert in history or lore but let me know what you think.


All that was left of “Old dale” was burnt foundations, town was rebuilt from scratch really. There’s little to be interpreted from the drawings as Tolkien’s depictions of Dale are just tiny scribbles.

I’d rather not fill the cemetery with houses as Dale has gotten large enough already.


I removed some signs from houses. If your house was waiting approval and no longer has any info blocks above it then it’s approved.


I think a system of catacombs make more sense in a town like Dale rather than a big cemetery.


yeah something similar to the one in Winterfell or even Paris maybe.


“A town like Dale”. So what you’re saying is that for a town that close to the river, in a relatively flat basin, where the water table is fairly high, catacombs make more sense, than a cemetery? The area where Paris’ catacombs are lies about 30 meters higher than the river, and has a very different soil than near the once marshy-river area. We have some in the Netherlands, but only in Limburg (in one of our higher ‘mountains’) I think having a cemetery is perfectly fine, and does not have to be non-sensical (or boring in that regard) at all.


Seems like most dead will have to be buried outside of Dale, then. There isn’t enough space for people other than the rich.


Yeah, overlooked the point about the water table being too high for catacombs. However, this same point could also pose problems for a cemetery. Burying bodies anywhere near the water table has the potential to pollute the water which could subsequently pollute the river. Disease could spread not only from the water table pollution, but from the close proximity to the citadel and residential area in section 5. I’m not at all against having a cemetery and am not suggesting that it would be “boring” either. I just think that the area currently set out for it is a bit of a strange choice. I think that a burial site outside the walls would make more sense here. This location is similar to that of the burial mounds outside Edoras for example and there are also real life examples of this being practiced.


So basically, find room for a cemetery or catacombs somewhere in the hills?


Yeah, maybe in the limestone hills to the west?


If someone wants to design a Dutch Windmill for me then I love you long time.


Cross sections of windmills here: http://www.let.rug.nl/polders/boekje/types.htm


As for the Cemetery. Ytsen mentioned that Water may not be as much an issue considering the land is separated from the river by a thick stone wall and sits a few meters above the water. If people are still worried about disease tho, then we’ll just make it Mausoleum’s only with some trees and other details. A Royal/Upper Class cemetery.

Can add Catacombs and graves elsewhere in the foothills or something.