Builder Application: Mr_Chang99 (Apprentice)


Let me start with providing You a few pictures:

Your concepts are still missing a large amount of detail. In some places it seems like you DID take into account our suggestions, in the others not at all.

  1. some facades are still flat, look at the orange line comparison in my post above once again. It is lacking depth in most places, adding 2 columns is not enough.
  2. with the workshop, don’t be lazy, you can really do better then those blocky columns thrown all around. The interior also looks like a few tables thrown around, with half the space not being managed at all.

Overall you have to experiment more with different block types. Take closer look at the guides, take closer look at already created houses. Consider increasing your block pallete, there are far too many places where it looks repeatable.


Hey I was looking at some stuff about ropemaking for the workshop, and I saw a couple of techniques for making it.
On of the techniques involved a ‘strand twister’ that could be added into the game, via wheels and the railings, however I personally think it would look better with acacia railings rather than the spruce railings as I have already used. However, I am worried with the asthetic/overall look of the shop clashing with the actual (semi)correct usages of the ropemaking tools. I’ll be on regularly to change things up if I think of something new, but if you think its alright at the moment, I’ll just leave it as it is.
At the moment I’m just worried about the clash, but I am not mainly focused on it, as I still wish to obtain the Builder rank.
I have tried to replicate the technique, as mentioned before, this in two ways which are demonstrated in my Lv5 workshop.


P.S I also know that you guys have put a ton of work researching the details of how the various professions work and the techniques in which the jobs are done, so if I seem ignorant or am missing some other details, I am sorry.



Also I’ve been doing some exams irl so I haven’t been on for a bit but I probably will be next week.