Builder Application: jozefka: ACCEPTED

Please note that I’m Faelyn(had to change my name to Diaspora, as my older prophetic teachings were vilified), the current shadow-admin of a community.

Player name: jozefka

How did you find out about us?: I don’t think this question is very appropriate for users who came to ArdaCraft from Conquest Reforged, as anyone who participates in the larger community hears about ArdaCraft sooner or later. But, I would like to change this question to “How did you learn about us?” and answer it accordingly. I became friends with Eaglz, and noticed that he was spending most of his free time helping your project; and as I have quite a bit of respect for my fellow esoteric prophet, I decided to read most of the threads here, stroll around the server, and check out crumbs of archived threads from the old forums scattered around the internet. I feel like I have lived all those memories myself, and I now want to be an actual first-party.

How old are you?: Some years above 18, I can share this in private with someone I trust from the community later.

Where are you from?: Oh my, that question has such a long history in my case. I reside in the United Kingdom at the moment, but I am temporarily in Turkey as it’s where I’m originally from. I’m half-Turkish and half-Luxembourgeois. The exact specifications of where I’m from in Turkey is interesting, but I won’t be sharing that. But this is all a conspiracy created by CreativeRealms and wunder_bread, I’m actually 100% Irish, and fought in the Irish War for Independence.

Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer, and that you must check the forums every few days?: haha yes

Why do you want to help with this project?: The thing I enjoy the most while working on Minecraft-related projects is recreating real or fictional locations, and the thing I enjoy the most in real life is daydreaming and coming up with lore, or theories/deductions. ArdaCraft combines both of them, while following one of my favorite authors. And I seriously need to find a purpose instead of opening up Conquest Reforged and starting at the inventory for fifteen minutes then closing it, just to open it up again in another fifteen minutes.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: [This includes any books Tolkien wrote, any films made of his work, and any audiobooks made from his work]
I have read the main trilogy of his most famous books, The Lord of the Rings.
Other works from him, that I’ve read, include:
-The Hobbit
-The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
Works by him, that I’ve read but aren’t relevant to ArdaCraft, include:
Smith of Wootton Major

I’ve read most of his famous posthumous works, like The Silmarillion, Unifinished Works, Bilbo’s Last Song, Christmas Letters, and a lot of letters by him that I have had to dig for.

I later read some academic works by him, to gain a better perspective of his fictional works, like A Middle English Vocabulary.

I am also somewhat active on the tolkien community; and read some, not many, academic research papers on Tolkien’s works.

Portfolio: -36:33

And those are the server ones, but I am the most famous builder on Conquest Reforged for a reason.
I am the mastermind behind the Sci-Fi Kaaba. Yep. That’s. Right.

Plot ID: [This appears on the bottom of your screen when you enter your plot]

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I exceptionally excel at the planning aspect of building, as my understanding of and take on geometry has been developed through my graphic design employment in the past. I am comfortable with forts that are circular/symmetric in shape, or partially symmetric, as an example. I am also extensively familiar with Irish aesthetics, which is quite similar to what Tolkien was exposed to.

My problem is also that, when geometry can’t be applied with full confidence. An example for this would be ruins of poorer buildings, or organic objects. I try to overcome that by using reference imagery, or the anti-aliasing of geometric shapes.

Other relevant skills: I have taken several mandatory courses on Art History and Creative Writing as part of my main degree, this might help with the artistic and analysis side of my future projects for the server. I am also a (Microsoft Certified) Azure Solutions Architect Expert, this is the highest cloud certificate you can get from Microsoft, this might help with technical stuff in the future if desired.




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This has been updated to include stylistic skills, as my markdown destroyed it initially, and I had to rewrite it.


Updated the album with a Dunland house that encompasses an area slightly above average, at -37:34.

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:heavy_check_mark: Based

Since some of us know you well already, and the fact that you’re clearly a builder of prophetic proportions, you can skip Apprentice and we’ll promote you straight to Builder.

Inshallah, may your teachings enlighten the AC masses.


And whoever puts all his trust in me, I will be enough for him. This shall be my promise to ArdaCraft.