Builder Application: 3sorey

Player name : 3sorey

How did you find out about us? : I found it through the nerd of the rings tour video

How old are you? : 21

Where are you from? : Seattle, United States

Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer and that you must check the forums every few days?: I have discord on my computer

Why do you want to help with this project? : Looks like a bunch of fun

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen, or listened to? : I’ve read the Hobbit many times and read the Lord of the Rings

Plot ID : 40: -36

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with? : I wouldn’t know, I’ve only tried building a Rohan longhouse

Other relevant skills : None


I Improved the Longhouse and built two new buildings.

Updated Longhouse:
Rohan House:
Wealthy Rohan House:


There’s some things that are off such as furniture in the interiors being a bit more fancy than you’d find in Rohan houses(though I’ve seen clear violations of this on the main map). I also want to work with you on how to utilize layers and do road gradients as an apprentice. I want you to build me an outdoor area with a shed and some profession based stuff. Maybe a candlemaker or a worker of fabrics. You can add it on and implement it with an existing build. So far so good!