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PLANTS/NATURE GUIDE & DATABASE - see tabs at the bottom FARM GUIDE PUBLIC PROJECT PLANNING GUIDE Dwarven mine checklist Arnor ruins guide: /warp ArnorGuide Rohan houses guide (Also check out /warp FoldeGuide) Othe…

30 9 December 2019

/warp ArnorGuide [image] “And it came to pass after the days of Eärendur, the seventh king that followed Valandil, that the Men of Númenor, the Dúnedain of the North, became divided into petty realms and lordships, and…

51 20 April 2018
Official Build Status

This spreadsheet keeps track of the build status of the ArdaCraft project. It is split up by tabs according to region, and every location is given a value according to its size (and therefore length of time it will take)…

1 3 June 2016
Greyflood Fort 8 3 21 February 2020
Meduseld Contest 2 12 February 2020
Moria Planning

“Glóin sighed. `Moria! Moria! Wonder of the Northern world! Too deep we delved there, and woke the nameless fear. Long have its vast mansions lain empty since the children of Durin fled.” “‘Dark is the water of Kheled…

2 12 February 2020
Greyflood Fort 2 9 2 February 2020
Edoras 21 15 January 2020
Greyflood Fort 9 1 12 January 2020
Greyflood Fort 7 3 11 January 2020
Yppeton 5 10 January 2020
Greyflood Fort 10 2 6 January 2020
Greyflood/Gwathló Fort and Town Ruins

Player name(s): DarthEnigma Player rank: Builder+ Private or Public: Public Location name: Various settlements and fortifications along the west bank of the Gwathló/Greyflood Lore: The Numenoreans began to explore th…

4 29 December 2019
Westemnet 5 22 December 2019
Caras Galadhon 24 15 November 2019
Shire Revamp 25 25 September 2019

Leader(s): MicahVanderman, Ytsen Player rank: Overseer Private or Public: Public; open for applications Location name: Folde, The Lore: The Folde was the centre of the kingdom, in which the royal house and its kin …

17 1 September 2019
The Misty Mountains: ON HOLD 24 19 August 2019

Player name(s): Neverlegendary, MrBanana Player rank: Builder+, Overseer Private or Public: Public (sub-projects listed below) Location name: Lothlórien Lore: Lothlórien was a realm of Silvan Elves on the eastern…

12 23 December 2018
Dale: ON HOLD 63 26 June 2017