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/warp ArnorGuide [image] “And it came to pass after the days of Eärendur, the seventh king that followed Valandil, that the Men of Númenor, the Dúnedain of the North, became divided into petty realms and lordships, and…

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PLANTS/NATURE GUIDE & DATABASE - see tabs at the bottom FARM GUIDE PUBLIC PROJECT PLANNING GUIDE Dwarven mine checklist Arnor ruins guide: /warp ArnorGuide Any projects in this list are open for application by anyo…

Official Build Status [Projects] (2)

This spreadsheet keeps track of the build status of the ArdaCraft project. It is split up by tabs according to region, and every location is given a value according to its size (and therefore length of time it will take)…

Westfold ( 2 3 4 ) [Westfold] (65)

Player name(s): Benzathoth Player rank: Overseer Private or Public: Public. Open to applications of individual locations. Location name: Westfold Lore: The Westfold was the western part of Rohan, close to the White M…

Eastemnet ( 2 ) [Eastemnet] (25)

Player name(s): NikeBisou Player rank: [+] Builder Private or Public: All camps are closed untill EEC1 is completed as a reference for the future camps. Location name: Eastemnet, the plains of Rohan east of the rive…

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Player name(s): Fornad, MrBanana666 Player rank: Admin, Builder+ Private or Public: Public (sub-projects listed below) Location name: Lothlórien Lore: Lothlórien was a realm of Silvan Elves on the eastern side of…

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